Becoming Pilot After Higher Studies in the United Kingdom

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If you have decided to become a pilot after higher studies in the United Kingdom as a field of work, then you will get a lot of added benefits. You can start early-stage, and sometimes, even a Licence of Private Pilot can make you eligible to co-pilot small goods planes. Also, there are provisions of reward, and health and housing benefits. You can work as both pilot or co-pilot planes but also can get into the education industry as trainers and instructors. After that, you can train new students and recruiters. Training and teaching also need experience of 3-4 years. But you can also come back to the school you graduated from, to teach the students of the university. A job at Flying clubs is very respected and they are also on the lookout for instructors all the time. All the recruiters of Airlines pilots of all countries so you can easily get a job at both the national airline as well as an international airline. You will only need a CPL or an Airline Transport Pilot’s License, you will be most eligible for a job at the military or paramilitary services. You are also eligible for the job of commandeering the jets all the time celebrities and socialites who are in need of pilots. Needless to say, jobs in the sector of aviation, most importantly being the pilots you need to be very lucrative.  In the role of a pilot, the starting salary offer of a co-pilot or pilot is $59,000 to $1,00,000. These numbers of salary only change with time and experience.

Skills Required to Become a Pilot

To begin your journey in the career of Airlines, here are Common skills which are required to become a pilot after higher studies in the United Kingdom are as follows:-

  • Personal qualities: A person with the dream to become a pilot needs some personal qualities which are passion for flight, motivation and ambition, self-discipline, technical aptitude, tolerance of pressure, maturity for your age, and spatial awareness.
  • Completed secondary education: New upcoming pilots are required to complete their secondary education (high school), ideally achieving a pass in English, mathematics and physics at GCSE.
  • Medical certification: 

to become a pilot you will have to go through some m-test in which they will test your eyesight coordination and overall health. After the completion of the test you will receive the medical certificate and it is recommended for a pilot to keep this medical certificate throughout their career as a pilot. 

  • Age, nationality eligibility and entry requirements: 

For becoming a pilot it is very important for students to be the age of seventeen for starting their training but are only eligible to fly aeroplanes at the age of 18. During the training program students are required to stay within the country in which their training program is taking place. 

Cost of Study in the United Kingdom

Before going for the aviation course in the United Kingdom you must know that the cost of Aviation study in the United Kingdom is very high, so you need to be sure that you will be determined towards your goal before paying the fees to universities. 

Exact fees may differ depending on the university in which you take the admission but we are talking about thousands, in some cases hundreds of thousands dollars. To  provide you a better idea, pilot training usually costs between £60,000 and £130,000.

Top colleges for becoming pilot in the United Kingdom

If you are also among those students who are looking to become a pilot after higher studies in the United Kingdom then for them we have researched among the hundreds of colleges and spot the four best colleges from them. Those colleges are:

  1. The University of Leeds

The three-year Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies certificate has an emphasis on flight preparing and airplane plan. Modules remember seeing recent concerns for the aeronautics business including ecological and modern administration, airplane plan, materials and impetus. The course likewise furnishes understudies with 10 hours of flight preparing and Civil Aviation Authority ground tests towards acquiring their Private Pilot’s Licence.

  1. University of the west of england

The University of the West of England is situated in Bristol, Uk. This university offers a 4 year undergraduate degree, as well as post-graduate courses in Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies to both native and international students. They have designed their Courses  in line with demand for aerospace engineers and set their students on a path to becoming technical specialists in the field of aeronautics. 

  1. Staffordshire university

The course for becoming a pilot in the United Kingdom at Staffordshire University is perfect for those students who want to work as pilots, engineers or aviation managers. There is a particular emphasis for them on flight deck design and students get to use computer-aided software and study fly-by-wire computers and propulsion systems in their university. There is an option for students to get an additional year of work experience in the industry of aviation. This course also consists of a practical flight element, with training in a glider, as well as practice in wind tunnels and Boeing and Airbus flight simulators for their students.

  1. Brunel University London

Brunel University offers a wide range of different courses in aviation to students, involving the 4 year Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies. Course areas Integrated with aircraft ground theory and flying practice, with an experience of 4 year in the work. This University of the United Kingdom has close ties with nearby Heathrow Airport, which allows their students to get some experience with commercial and private aircrafts. Module courses cover aeronautics, thermofluids and aircraft design including computer modelling during the training.


The Universities in the United Kingdom are really costly as they charge high fees from their students. But they also provide quality education to their students. If your destination is becoming a pilot in the United Kingdom then you can go for these courses provided by the top universities of the United Kingdom. At last, best of luck for your journey to becoming a pilot in the United Kingdom. 

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