How to Become a Legal Advisor in the United Kingdom

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The career of an international student as a legal advisor in the United Kingdom is a great choice. The reason is that lawyers get paid very well, have high job security, and do interesting work in a variety of different fields. International graduates get a big advantage as many law firms in the United Kingdom also have international offices and clients, and are often looking to hire people who are familiar with different languages and cultures.

The law system of Britain is quite different from other countries which makes a little bit of confusion in the mind of an international student. To become a lawyer in the United Kingdom an international student is required to have an undergraduate degree or  a postgraduate diploma and after completing that they are also required to complete further training while they work at a law office. The study programmes to become a legal advisor in the United Kingdom are quite lengthy. Therefore, becoming a legal advisor in the United Kingdom is quite difficult for international students. 

What Are the Different Work Roles of a Legal Advisor in the United Kingdom?

The legal advisors are responsible for handling the legal responsibilities such as preparing contracts and documentation, and providing a variety of legal support to a company. In the construction industry the role of a legal advisor involves the following duties: 

  • They have to oversee client and vendor contracts
  • They have to provide commercially sensible and cost-effective legal advice for construction contracts management
  • They have to conduct legal research
  • They have to draft basic legal documents for construction projects
  • They have to ensure compliance to construction laws and regulations
  • They have to prepare damage claims for their clients
  • They have to resolve buy-sell disputes and property infringements
  • They have to provide arbitration, litigation and mediation support
  • They offer advise on the latest building standards
  • Explaining building standards to stakeholders

Top Universities of United Kingdom to Become a Legal Advisor

  1. University of Cambridge

It is an ancient university which has been teaching law since the 13th century to the students. 

This university for Law study in the United Kingdom is very popular today for its courses in international and comparative law, and legal history. This university has also done it’s research in fields of socio-legal and social-science. Within the first year of the undergraduate degree, this university offers their students some courses in civil, tort, criminal and constitutional law. After finishing the degree the students specialise in areas such as international law, commercial law and family law. 

  1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a very famous university for offering the world’s best and quality education in law in the United Kingdom. Within this University while applying for the study of law degree in the United Kingdom, you are required to submit an open application and after that you will be assigned a college on acceptance of your seat in the college. If you don’t get accepted by the University then you can also apply directly to one of the 30 colleges that offer law degrees in the United Kingdom. This University has done it’s research to engage more international students for projects throughout the academic year. 

  1. UCL

In the United Kingdom UCL was the first university to have a faculty of common law. And also it was the first university to offer degrees to students in English law rather than offering in civil law. Within the university the students are offered three courses: 

  • Undergraduate
  • Master of laws (LLM) and
  • The MPhil/PhD programme.

The UCL University offers a wide range of modules including decolonising law, company law, international trade law and religion, state and law, among many others. There is also a range of specialist degree programmes for students which result in a specialised area. These specialised areas may include public law, maritime law, international banking and finance law. 

With the University of UCL more than 15 centres and institutes are affiliated with it for offering the law degrees in the United Kingdom. This University offers their students to work together with the faculty staff on research projects. Some of the recent research projects are the Bona project and human rights beyond borders. 

  1. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh of the United Kingdom is an ancient school for offering law degrees which is more than 300 years old. This University prepares their students for becoming legal advisors in the United Kingdom by offering three undergraduate programmes which are: the LLB, the joint LLB honours and the graduate LLB. They have made the total length of the course a two-year conversion course for students who already have a prior degree-level qualification.

  1. LSE

Within the university of LSE they offer the Law courses with Economics and Political Sciences which are the largest departments to study with more than 60 faculty staff for the students. The students get offered two graduate degree programmes in the university: 

  • LLM master of laws 
  • The executive LLM

Both degree programmes are only available to those students who have at least three years prior work experience with their post-degree in law. Those students who are looking for advanced research programmes are also offered at this university. 

Salary Outlook of a Legal Advisor in the United States of America

The salary for all the legal advisors is not the same as it varies as you become more experienced within the field.

  • The salary for a newly trained or fresher as a legal advisor are paid around between £19,000 – £25,000.
  • In the United Kingdom trained legal advisors with some experience are paid in between £25,000 – £60,000.
  • Senior legal advisors are paid around £60,000 or above. 


If you are selecting to pursue a degree in law to become a legal advisor in the United Kingdom, this is the right option for you but the law system of the United Kingdom is quite complicated as compared to the law systems of other countries. And also that course length for law studies in the United Kingdom are also quite lengthy. But it is not impossible with more hard work and determination you can achieve your goal. The salaries of legal advisors are also quite high or we can say it’s attractive. I hope that you may get some idea about the career as a legal advisor. 

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