How to Become a Pilot in Canada?

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Many kids have always dreamed of becoming a pilot, that’s the reason why many students are ​​interested in studying Aviation to become a pilot in Canada. If you are sure about becoming a pilot in Canada then you are required to have some qualities which are responsibility, technology, leadership skills. If you have all these qualities then choosing your career as a pilot is the perfect path for you. For making your dreams come true, Canada is the perfect study destination for you to become a pilot. 

What Are The Advantages of Studying Aviation in Canada?

  • The training facilities offered by the Canadian universities are excellent with modern Air traffic control systems.
  • The licence which you get after completing the training in Canada is one of the world’s most widely recognised as ICAO Pilot Licence. 
  • The fees charged by the aviation schools in Canada are comparatively low as compared to the other study destinations abroad because of the lower value of the Canadian dollar which makes it around 30% cheaper. 
  • In the Canadian universities students receive training from highly experienced flight instructors with knowledge of real world applications.
  • Canada is the world’s second highest country having the population of 70,000 pilots, for that reason it is known for being the nation of aviation.
  • Canada is one of the most favourite study destinations of many international students due to its diversification, which provides a welcoming environment for international students to study aviation in Canada.

How much will it cost to study aviation in Canada? 

The universities of Canada charge $5000 to $2,000 or more than that per year from students to study aviation in Canada. The cost of the study program depends on the flight training program, location and University. The cost of aviation degree programs are quite expensive as compared to diploma/certificate programs. The cost of a commercial pilot training program is around $15,000 CAD along with that the cost of a licence to be a pilot is around $10,000 CAD. But the cost to study aviation in Canada is quite affordable as compared to the cost charged by American Universities. 

Career Opportunities in Aviation Field in Canada

After finishing the flying training in Canada there are multiple of career opportunities in the field of Aviation which are as follows: 

  • Airline pilot for large airlines or smaller regional ones.
  • Corporate or business aviation pilot.
  • Cargo pilot.
  • Charter / Air taxi pilot.
  • Flight instructor.
  • Medical/ Air ambulance pilot.
  • Agricultural pilot.

Top universities to study aviation in Canada 

In Canada there are many universities. Among them we have listed the names of the world’s top best universities to study aviation in Canada. The name of of the universities are as follows: 

  1. The British Columbia Institute of Technology

The University of Canada named The Burnaby British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is the first institution to be considered as the best aviation University to study in Canada. For more than half a century it has offered aerospace courses to students. This University has designed their course in such a manner in which they train their students to be aircraft maintenance engineers, gas turbine/jet engine technicians, airport operations specialists, and professional pilots. This university is also home to a number of prestigious research projects, such as Boeing Commercial Aeroplanes on the use of hydrogen in a tailor-made fuel cell system which results in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. University of Waterloo

In our list, the University of Waterloo comes in second place for being the best aviation school in Canada. At the University of Waterloo, students are offered such courses in which they learn to identify landforms, understand weather patterns, use multi-layered maps, and at last learn to fly airplanes. This University mainly focuses on preparing its students for careers in the industry of aerospace.

  1. University of Fraser Valley

At this university, the students of Aerospace are referred to choose to study a program in which they combine flight training with a bachelor degree in Business administration which is a 2-year degree to earn a license for being a pilot. And they also offer study programs to students for becoming aircraft technicians. the program designed for offering bachelor’s degrees to students instructs their students business skills along with flight training, simulator training, and training with multiple engines and instruments

Those students who are preparing themselves for becoming aircraft technicians receive the study programs at this university which are approved by Transport Canada which offers a thorough introduction to the repair and maintenance of aircraft to the students. One of the major disadvantages of studying aviation in this university is they do not include flight training in its curriculum. due to which students have to go for external flight training programs which then after being credited to UFV university. 

  1. Western University, Canada

Even though Western University is not one of the largest universities in Canada, it holds a recognized degree in aviation: a bachelor’s degree in commercial aviation management (CAM). This university offers a course in which it has a flight option that allows students to graduate with a Transport Canada-approved Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence (ICPL).

  1. Sault College

This university was founded in 1960 as a public University, it is considered as the top best university for aviation study in Canada. It is situated in Ontario. This university generally offers its facilities at Sault Ste. Marie International Airport and it has been training students for becoming pilots in Canada since 1974. 


If you are totally sure about becoming a pilot in Canada, then it is a great decision made by you. Canada is already known for its culture and environment, which attracts most international students from different parts of the world. earning a degree or diploma from the University of Canada can give you the opportunity to work as a pilot, aeronautical engineer, or in management. One thing that also attracts most of the international students to study aviation in Canada is the highest salaries paid to the pilots after graduating. The average salary of a pilot in Canada mainly ranges between $28000 CAD to $5,58,000 CAD. The only thing which stops most of the students from becoming a pilot is the expensive fees charged by the universities of different parts of the world. 

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